Why our fast personal loans are different

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So why choose us?

1 Flexibility - Fast Personal Loans can tailor a loan solution to suit your need, including early pay-off, short term purposes, centrelink income ok, bad credit considered.

2 Fast ? Loans can be pre-approved in 5 minutes and the money usually accessible by next working day.

3 Easy Application ? most cases can be done in 10 - 15 minutes.

4 Early Payoff to save interest ? most of personal loans can be paid off early after the first month to save interest.

At Simple Personal Loans, we believe in understanding customer's situation. Tell us your circumstance and we will give you a solution.

Why do we provide loans?

We understand not everyone receives a wage and not everyone has good credit history, so if your income is from?

5 Centrelink pension or parenting payment
Cash income
6 Business income
7 Investment

We can help. If you have defaults on your credit history or even bankruptcy, your case will also be considered, as Simple Personal Loans would like to give you a second chance.

An Fast personal loan online offers you:

Flexible repayment options
8 Early pay-off loan without penalties*
9 Easy to apply and fast approval

Get your money now!
Decision in 5 minutes (24/7)

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