The exercise myth

The rundown

There has been an increasing trend that exercise actually does not help with weight loss. This hypothesis featured as a cover story in Time Magazine in 2009, with the title ?The myth and exercise?. The cover consisted of a photo of a woman pounding a treadmill whilst her eyes were glued to the cream topped cupcake. The cover was symbolic of the storys meaining ? there has been research that exercising does not help with weight loss because when you exercise you tend to eat more to make up for all the kilojoules you have burned. This is message that has repeatedly being surfaced in author David Gillespie (a lawyer)?s book, Big fat lies. The book suggests weight loss is pointless. But is it true?


David Driscoll, a sports dietitian and an exercise physiologist says no. Like climate change deniers, he firmly believes that those who deny exercise do not reveal the whole evidence. Instead they only pick the evidence that is related to their claim. Driscoll who is also a member of the Sports Dietitians Australia says it is actually not hard to find research that supports the claim that exercise does shift weight. On the other hand, there is little or close to no evidence that suggests that there is no weight loss benefit from exercise. This suggests that it may have something more to do with behavior rather than biology.

Yes, exercise does make us eat more. But what the exercise myth does not reveal is that, we are not clear whether we demand more food because our body actually needs more fuel or we think we deserve it . In research, those people who actually do consume more kilojules after exercising have not been asked whether they ate because they were hungry or because they wanted to reward themselves from working out. It is obvious that we do not necessarily eat because we are hungry.


If you are one of those people who like reward themselves after training, it would be helpful to know exactly how much kilojoules you have burned. For instance, if you are taking a cardio class at your local gym which is moderately intense, you are roughly burning eight to twelve kilojules a minute. Thus over a forty five minute period you have burned between three hundred and sixty and five hundred and forty kilojules. In this scenario, it makes sense for you to give yourself a little treat e,g, two squares of chocolate.

You should also time your exercise before you eat. Because you?ll be eating anyway, you are less likely to overcompensate. There is also a common perception that people who do a forty give gym session think they do not need to do anything for the rest of the day. Wrong. You need to ask yourself, ?how can i add to this??

A method for your to put this forty five minutes in to perspective is that over a century ago, what they use to do would be considered an extreme sport to what we do now.
Lastly, you should consider how much fat is shed not just your weight. Sometiems when you shed fat and gain muscle, this muscle will weigh more than your fat.

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