Gender Issues in working environment

A study has show that female bosses are more friendly, kind and more likely to take personal situation into account when it comes to managing and reprimanding their staff. On the other hand male bosses were likely to lose their temper when facing disagreement or doing personal stuff during work time.

When it comes to work-life problem, female bosses shows more understanding of work is part of life, it is really difficult to tears them totally apart, they have to connect to each other at some points, where study has show that staff will do personal things at work at least once a day, especially with the over developing of new technology and over use of social network, such as using Smartphone to update Facebook, twitter, shopping website or making personal phone calls.

Female bosses have been revealed more tolerant than male managers of their staff maintaining a work-life balance, however, some male employers wouldn?t agree with that. They claims that even though female bosses are more loose on the issues of work-life balance, but most of the female bosses have an intrinsic nature to bring their ego while making decisions especially against male employees working under them, it seems to be a nature thing for women to be proud of being a female bosses over male employers. Some people even said that they are mostly bossy cows and never satisfied with anything you do, mostly because they all over controlling of everything, everything have to done by their way, and most of them have trust issues with other people.

However, there are one more voice about gender issues in working environment, which is gender has nothing to do with being a good boss, it is the personality of individuals makes them a good boss or a bad one, most people have worked for both male and female, and I believed there are best and worst bosses from both side.

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