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With the new sudden change in law, personal loans online will never be the same. As of 1st of July, 2010, easy personal loans are not allowed if they are used for personal reasons. Simply put, the most common use of personal loans online ? ?personal reasons? is not acceptable anymore. To be eligible for persona loans online, you need to go more in depth with the purpose of the loan, and make sure it fits into one of the eligible categories.

Personal loans online sure has gotten complicated, hasn?t it? Now that personal use is out of the question, it?s time to aim for commercial purposes with personal loans online. This means using the loan to start or support running a business. You could be using personal loans online to consolidate your business debts, for example. It isn?t as simple as that though; you still need to provide proof to back up your claims. The paperwork will vary from lender to lender, so that is something for you to look up.

Let?s review debt consolidation under the old personal loans online. When multiple bills are overdue and you are in debt with multiple organizations, that?s when it pays to go for debt consolidation. It will gather up all your debts and pay it all off with personal loans online. The advantages here include having only one loan to focus on repaying, renewed period for repayment, allow you to select the loan conditions, lower overall rates and fees, and more. Needless to say, when you are knee deep in debt, it is worth going for debt consolidation.

However the new laws for personal loans online prevents using debt consolidation that way, as it is not business related. Instead it promotes the use of borrowing money to start or support a business. Since the loan will be used to make profit in the long run, it should be easier to repay, and prevent a lot of debt caused by loans that clients cannot repay.

This new change to personal loans online works both ways. On one hand it prevents people using personal loans online as debt consolidation for personal purposes. In other words, you can no longer pay off your utility and credit card bills with personal loans online. On the other hand, it will save a lot of people from going into debt caused by loans. In the end it all comes down to how you view it.

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