Why You Should Direct Debit Your Bills And Loans?

If you have a current account or a credit card, then you may want to reap the benefits of Direct debit to be able to repay what you owe. One of the advantages of using this system is that you can make regular payments much simpler and enable you to handle your money in an organized way. Here are some useful tips that will help you to understand this process in a simpler way. Continue reading

How to handle financial emergencies?

There can many times that people have to deal with one financial emergency or the other.  With the economies fluctuating more than ever these occurrences have become more frequent than ever. Below are some tips that can help you deal with such situations.

How bad is the situation?

You need to ascertain how deep the problem is. Is it your loan, medical bills or a loss of work that has brought you in this state? Finding the real cause is the first step towards getting to a solution. Continue reading

Preparation for a retiree

With people reaching their age of retirement faster than they thought they would, there are some issues that the retirees should be concerned about before saying their final goodbyes to their job and work. Continue reading

How To Pay Off Debts?

Piling up debts can really become a pain in the long run when you are covered head to toe under debts. It is important that they are paid off as soon as possible. So how can you do that? Here are few tips that might help you to pay off your debts in time. Continue reading

Best mobile apps to keep track of your expenses

Track your expenses

It becomes difficult to track your expenses when you are on a business tour or on a personal holiday. Since a lot of mobile apps are available for various purposes, there are a few to track your daily expenses as well. These mobile apps allow you to enter the details of all your expenditure along with various features. Some apps automatically extract the information from bills and store it safely for future reference. Continue reading

Keep record of your expenses with mobile apps

An ideal way to know if you’re spending a lot is to keep a record of your expenses. For instance, an Excel spreadsheet or a notebook could be good solutions, but it’s easier if you do it directly on your smartphone. Read on and learn about top mobile apps. Continue reading

Be realistic and identify issues to avoid financial crisis

Are you ready to become aware 24/7? Create awareness about money and proceed thoroughly. How much do you make? How much do you spend? Do you count on a budget? Do you know what you are spending your money on? You know how much is the interest they charge on your credit card? Do you see the impact at the end of the year? Continue reading