Various Loans and Their Advantages

Whether you need money for yourself or you think of funding your new small business, loans seem like the best option you have. And sometimes getting a loan is the best option you have! But there are so many types of loans out there that you may find it confusing or difficult to choose. Choosing the best source of financing for you is very important because each type of loan has its advantages and disadvantages. So which are the various types of loans you can choose from? Continue reading

What is The Impact of Unpaid Bills on Credit Rating?

Your credit score can be considered something about the way credit is being handled by you. Therefore, it appears counter-intuitive that the non-loan actions would be a source of bringing the credit rating down. To be very unfortunate, in reality, no matter whether you are borrowing money or not, you’d still end up hurting the credit score you have. Here are some of the bills which, when not paid, can hurt your credit rating. Continue reading