Getting A Business Loan With A Bad Credit

When it comes to financing, the higher your credit score is, the more chances you have to benefit of a loan from many funding sources. If your score is on the lower side, you can feel like you are getting nowhere. However, getting a loan with a bad credit is not impossible and you cannot let low score bring you down. You should not run away from your credit history and try to fund your business anyway. So, can you actually get a business loan with a bad credit? Continue reading

Can I Get a Loan While Enjoying Centrelink Benefits?

Centrelink Benefits is a program started by the Australian Government and it is founded especially to help those people who have harder times to get a loan or get by. Centrelink basically delivers services and payments to unemployed, retirees, families, parents, carers, people that have disabilities, etc. This program has some restrictions, and some people are unable to get a loan from the bank if they are under this helping program. However, there are some cases when you can get a loan if you are on Centrelink benefits. But how? Continue reading