Why not to take reverse mortgage on your house?

Each retiree has his own retirement income strategy. Some might downsize, move to a small apartment and put the house on rent to have a basic monthly income, some go for investment and savings plan and some take out reverse mortgage. Today, the social security is the base income for many retirees, but by 2030, retirees cannot depend on the social security and thus, the primary source of income during the retirement would be reverse mortgage. Yet, it is better to opt for other options rather than taking the reverse mortgage. Continue reading

Factors which affect the auto insurance premium

The first and foremost factor when it comes to determining the auto insurance premium is the credit score. If the credit rating is low, the driver is more likely to pay more for the premium. However, there are some basic factors which affect the premium. Most of these factors cannot be changed or influenced. Continue reading

Why is mortgage a better loan than others?

Having a mortgage on your credit report is not happy news. However, there are a lot of reasons why a person can be happy that he had taken a mortgage. The majority of the buyers take up mortgage instead of digging their savings nest. There are a lot of reasons for the buyers to do so. Continue reading

Your credit score might be viewed at these times too

You know that your credit score would be viewed when you are applying for a loan, mortgage, credit card or even, insurance. However, there are a few unexpected times when your credit score would be viewed. This list does not contain that above said obvious situations, but expected scenarios. Continue reading

Are you looking for non-bank loans for small business?

With a bad economic condition, many traditional sources of funding small businesses have become scarce. Banks started to increase their focus on large businesses rather than small and medium enterprises. According to a survey, the chances of a small business would get a loan from the bank are quite fair. This opens the door for alternative lenders. Continue reading

Are you missing any of these auto insurance discounts?

With the increase in the competition among insurers, the number of discounts has also increased. In the past year, many insurers have introduced a lot of new discounts to their bills. You cannot expect your insurer to identify that you have a new anti-theft system in your car or you are a part of alma mater, which would give you, a discount. You need to mention these details to the insurer and request for the discounts. Continue reading

Do you possess a credit card which you no longer use?

Usually, during the initial stages of the employment, you would have had a credit card with very less features and low credit cap. As your status increases, you would have to purchase a better card with better limits and might forget about the old card. What should you be doing with the card that you are not using? Continue reading

How much would you need to save for your retirement?

A classic retirement life should be full of leisure without any problems. However, in reality, people in their retirement phase have a lot of problems including mortgage, medical costs, taking care of their grandchildren and also taking up some part time job to ease the retirement financial pressure. Continue reading

Is it possible to save money on the dental care?

Finding a low cost health insurance and dental insurance is not an easy job. A basic dental insurance can cost more than thousand dollars per year. Thus, it is important to find an affordable dental care. This is a main concern for people who are self employed.  For enjoying the benefits of a dental insurance which is owned by an individual working in a company, the self employed need to pay a lot more money. Here are a few ways to reduce the cost of the dental insurance. Continue reading