How to get the lowest home loan interest rate?

If you are waiting for the home loan interest rate to fall, do not wait any more. The Governor, Stevens clearly informed that the interest rates would remain in the 2.5% rate, for a while. This does not mean that there are no ways to save a few dollars, on the borrowing costs. The Sydney Morning Herald explains what can be done to lower home loan interest rates! Continue reading

Is Trading a Good Plan or a Bad Gamble?

Trading has been considered the hardest and the fastest way to double your money. However, are you sure you have invested at the right place? Are you getting the maximum out of your investment or are there factors influencing your decisions?

Peter Switzer of Yahoo Finance suggests that it is highly recommended you do not just go with your instincts! The only way to gain that assurance is by regular market practice. This is sure to work as a motivator. You have to be sure that your instincts are no over-shadowing your decision making. Continue reading

How to be cautious and not waste money?

Making money is not a cakewalk and saving it is like a cherry on the cake. More often than not, we end up making mistakes that cost us a lot of money, or in other words, wasting our hard earned money. Jessica Gorst-Williams talks about some such very common financial errors, in The Telegraph. Continue reading

UK spends more on alcohol than education

British’s average household spending is very low, as compared to what it was in 2006, according to official data by The Telegraph. In 2006, a household was spending 526.40 pounds per week on amenities and in 2012, people are spending only 489 pounds per week. Continue reading