Santander provides market-leading personal loans till December 18

Santander is providing individual loans at rates as minimal as 4.5% till 18th December. The bank has briefly reduced the expense of its unprotected private loans throughout most financing divisions to reach table-topping altitudes prior to Xmas. It comes after a latest eight-day flash-sale on financial loans that observed rates drop to record-low stages. Continue reading

Money management and staying on track

Having a well thought out plan and knowing where you are spending money, where you want it to go in the future and realizing that setting your financial goals today will help you achieve what you want in the future.  Understanding the core concepts of money management and applying the tools at your disposal properly will allow your financial goals become a reality. Continue reading

US lost 15,000 Obamacare enrollments

About 15,000 enrollments which were received in the early December did not reach the insurers. Thus, the coverage of those enrollments is something which is left unanswered, due to this error, according to Bloomberg News’ Alex Wayne. Though the government announced that the bugs were fixed on Dec 1st, customers seem to get irritated. Continue reading

Pay $2,000 to experience homelessness

Keen on learning more about a crash course to become homeless just by paying $2,000? Mike Momany a 62 year old homeless person from Seattle has hit upon a wonderful plan whereby he offers a three-day course which he has coined as “Private Course in Applied Home Homelessness” Continue reading

Hike in the house price in United Kingdom

In the next year, it has been forecasted that the house prices in UK would move ahead of the 3pc stamp duty, says The Telegraph’s Anna White. This would make the ‘buying an own house’ dream of many British, a nightmare. Due to lack of supply, the average price can go up to 8pc, in the next year. Continue reading

Terrible news for business loans in the UK

The Recovery plan:

Plagued Co-op Bank is hiving off a £1.7 billion collection of business loans as an aspect of its recovery strategies. The self-styled honorable lender that prefers to focus on serving people and minor businesses is attempting to get rid of debts to companies with revenue of more than £25 million. All these have been regarded ‘non-core’ together with £30 million of debts to regional regulators and different financing lines such as real estate organizations and windfarms. Continue reading

The high price of a college education

The steep rise in tuitions, books and ancillary services on the back end of increased tuition has left parents and students scrambling to find creative ways, to finance a postsecondary education. No one will argue the benefits of a higher education but with the soaring costs experts warn that many people will not be able to afford college education and suggest investing as early as possible, way before their child enter high school. Continue reading