Minor business loaning continues to be restricted, claims Bank of England

Small companies struggling

Although the world economic order is starting to get better, there are many businesses which are still struggling. Minor companies are having difficulties to receive funding although the debt put into the market via the Bank of England’s financing for lending program has attained its maximum degrees since the summer 2012. Continue reading

Tips to get a tax deduction on your donations

This is the season of sharing. Use the festive season to your advantage by gaining a few tax benefits! There are many ways to gain a tax deduction and donating is one of the options. Here are a few tips to get a deduction for your charity. Continue reading

Weak Australian shares

The Australian share market is very weak because of the fall in the GrainCorp shares. The market for driven only by the local factors and the morning trading session was muted with swings from mid profits to mid loss and the reading soon drifted towards red two digit numbers, according to the CMC market sales trader, Lam. Continue reading

Water to cost more in the UK

The end for low water bills appears to be near. After being stable for a long period of time, it appears that plans are afoot to bring in hikes starting as early as next year. This time, it may be due to genuine issues that the water companies are faced with.

Water and sewage system in south east England

The sewage systems in most areas of London date back to the Victorian era and are in dire need of repair. The fact that several million tons of sewage enters the Thames river each year is reason enough to think of rebuilding the sewage system. Thames Water, one of the water companies in Britain has plans in place to improve the sewer infrastructure in the south east and proposes to build a super sewage system, also known as the Thames Tideway Tunnel. According to company sources, this project is a necessity in order to make the system more efficient and also minimize pollution of the Thames river which is crucial from an environmental standpoint.

The funding plan

As the current bills are highly insufficient to meet the expenses of the new project, the company has proposed an increase in annual bills over a five year period until 2020, with the increase being around 8 GBP a year plus the cost of inflation. If this plan is approved, it is estimated that the additional revenue generated will be sufficient to fund not only the super sewer, but also the replacement pipes and the renewal of the treatment plants. However, with the cost of living consistently on the rise, there is sure to be opposition to this plan as well. On the bright side, although this investment will hit the consumers’ pockets in the near term, the water and sewage bills will likely remain low over the longer term owing to minimal expenditure that will be needed for managing the new infrastructure.



Mobile Shopping: the latest trend

As technology for the mobile devices have matured over time, people are increasingly depending on gadgets such as smart phones and tablets to manage their personal finances. Apart from mobile banking transactions that have become common these days, an unprecedented growth in mobile shopping has been predicted during this upcoming holiday season. Continue reading