Business loan scenario in Australia

The small and medium businesses in Australia cite access to finances as one of the major hurdles in their growth. This is mainly due to the banks unwillingness to extend credit to them, many of whom are perceived to be a default risk. This in turn has stifled the growth of these businesses and has resulted in little or no increase in the number of jobs that have been created in this sector. One of the reasons for this situation could be the recent consolidation of banks that has resulted in a decline in the competition for business loans. However, it might be a combination of factors that could have possibly let to this situation. Continue reading

Pay Freeze: a reality in UK

The recession did not allow any augmentation of pay packages as factories shut down and thousands of people lost their jobs. In fact, workers were expected to work more hours at the same wage. Continue reading

Reversing cancellation of insurance

With the president’s approval, the reversal of insurance policies, which were cancelled, is introduced. There is little confusion regarding this provision, in many states. Agents are not able to clarify as they are awaiting word from the White house and the state insurance commissioner. Continue reading

Should you buy Commonwealth Bank shares?

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s September update has shown that the business is ticking perfectly. It has earned over 2.1 billion dollars in this period with a 14% increase, every year. When compared to other banks, it has a low NIM and has deposit margin compression in the low interest rate situation. The rate of impairment for gross loans has fallen 16 basis points and the asset management is growing at the rate of 4% per quarter. The bank remains well capitalised with a common equity tier one ratio at 10.7% as of September month. Is it worth to buy a few shares of this bank? Continue reading

Paying off debts vs. real estate

With savings in hand, most of the Australians are drifted towards investing in real estate. With the boom in this industry, many consider this as the best investment option. However, is it advisable to forget paying off debts and invest in real estate? Continue reading

House prices in UK at three year high

House prices in the United Kingdom are rising in every region in England, according to the latest reports. According to official data available, prices have increased by an average 3.4% in the last year as the inflation has remained almost steady. The Land Registry data shows the prices are rising in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, while still decreasing in Scotland. Continue reading

Ideas to save money for a house

Buying a house of their own is the ultimate dream of many families. Recent news though casts a gloom over this dream of many. Property prices are rapidly rising in all major Australian cities. At many places, first time property buyers are finding it difficult to find affordable rates.

Though this may seem depressing, smart saving will help you to buy that dream house of yours. Here are some tips to help you get started. Continue reading