How to maintain clean credit score

A good credit score is a must if you want to apply for business loans or need to apply for a mortgage. Though there are some financial companies that do entertain the loans and mortgage applications of people with a bad credit history, it is still always better to have a clean sheet in order to get loans at low interest rates and an array of other benefits. Continue reading

What You Should Look for in a Financial Planner

Why hire a financial planner?   Anybody can give you financial advice; many people probably do – from your mother to your friends and co-workers. However, although these people may give you some form of financial advice, a true financial planner is an expert in his or her field. Continue reading

How to Reduce Your Financial Worries

One of the biggest causes of stress in our lives today is money, especially among younger people who are dealing with caring for older parents, caring for their own children, and getting started in life.  So how can you reduce your money woes and feel better every day? Continue reading

Enjoying Uncertainty and Randomness

Life is full of randomness and uncertainty. Many things happen to all of us without any apparent cause or plan. Our life majorly comprises of unforeseen events and incidents and these random events coax our lives into new unseen directions. Our fate is determined by our response to these sudden incidents and how we manage to prepare ourselves for future endeavors.

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What it takes to be a financial planner

Working as a financial planner requires a lot of hard work. Before getting into the real business they start their career by working in the industry as a broker and they learn before they can get their hands on any project. Working as a financial career can be sometimes stressing and at times can be rewarding too. The person has to undergo various audits and take ongoing courses.

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How to Stretch Your Salary When You Are Stuck

There are times when you get financially stuck and you don’t seem to find any way out. In such situations, you have to stretch your salary to still be able to fulfil your needs. You may be required to cut back your spending in certain areas, make wise shopping decisions, and only spend on your necessities. Furthermore, you can try to shop at discount if you have to buy certain expensive items at all. Read on to find out certain ways that allow you to be able to do that.

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3 Common Myths about Debt Relief

Sometimes when you’re indebted, you don’t feel to have any kind of relief whatsoever. The reason is that there are lots of debt relief myths out there. It is important that you take your time and research the options that you have. Here are three common myths about debt relief that are nowhere near the reality. Consider these and never fall prey to these myths. Continue reading