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Application is fast and easy. Simply fill-out the pre-approval form and email/fax/post supporting documents for a final approval.
A reply will be given to you by email upon completing the Pre-Approval form. If you have been pre-approved, it means you have over 89% success rate based on details provided. This will give you a peace of mind prior to doing the full application.
You must own a registered motor vehicle or a real estate property to apply. In addition, income proof is required.
Once all the necessary supporting documents is received, loans of $1,000 - $9,000 will (in most cases) take 1-3 working hours. For amounts above $9,000, it will most likely be within 24 hours. But each case might vary depending on the actual situation.
Normally around 50% of your motor vehicles trade-in value.
Personal Loan repayments can be made weekly/fortnightly/monthly for 1 -12 months, and your loan can be paid-off early to save interest with no penalties in most cases.
Absolutely! Most of the time joint applications have a higher chance of approval.
Interest rates varies from case to case as each person's situation is different.
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